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New Design For Bikebox

We are looking for early adopters!

We've been working on a new design for our Bikebox, mainly trying to look at how to make it more affordable. It's a more compact version of our original Bikebox. We are still at prototype stage, but in the main it is designed to:

- fit 2 bikes, with outside dimensions 1.8m x 0.8m x 1.24m (Length|Width|Height)

- possibly fit at the side of the garden, rather than front (this, of course depends on your space)

- sit on hardstanding with footing for the levelling, meaning it would not be necessary to do extensive ground works.

Things to note:

- the garden is retained as a key feature and so it is really necessary to consider how it gets regular watering.

We have our first prototype available now and our early adopter costs include installation. Please look at our pricing page on for details.

Hot off the press - our smaller bikebox is ready for installation!

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